The American Flag Etiquette

The American flag is obviously a symbol of our country but it has come to remind us of every man and woman who has fought for the freedom that we enjoy. The emotions that are stirred by images of our flag can run from happiness to sadness to trust and everything in between. Most of

Your First Offer is Typically Your Highest and Best

In 95% of all sales transactions, the sellers first offer is typically your highest and best offer.  While a quick offer is what sellers and the agents hope for when the house is priced properly, the fast sale sometimes plays mind-games with the sellers.  Imagine a homeowner consulting with their agent about the price to

Have you Started your Retirement Planning, yet?

Have you started your retirement planning, yet?  As people near or enter retirement, one of the decisions that typically comes up is whether to sell their “big” home and buy a smaller one. If you know anyone who has been faced with that situation, selling one home and buying a smaller one may not save

Capital Gains Laws and You

The Capital Gains Laws can potentially make you or break you! Homeowners are familiar that they can deduct the interest and property taxes from their income tax returns. They also understand that there is a substantial capital gains exclusion for qualified sales of up to $250,000 if single and $500,000 for married filing jointly. However,

Remodeling? It Will Cost More and Take Longer Than Expected!

The one experience that homeowners can agree upon after completing a remodeling project is that it costs more and takes longer than expected. It doesn’t really matter that you researched, planned, and received multiple bids, it will, invariably, cost more and take longer than you originally anticipated. Replacing floorcovering or painting is a project that

Before you retire and Travel the World

Before you Retire and Travel the World, you may want to consider leasing your home. A couple is planning to tour the United States in a travel trailer during their first few years of retirement. They are going to sell their current home now and purchase another home when they finish their travels. An interesting

Past Short Sale, Foreclosure, Bankruptcy?

Have you have a Past Short Sale, Foreclosure, or Bankruptcy?  “How long do we have to wait to qualify for another mortgage” is the question concerning people who’ve had a foreclosure, short sale or bankruptcy. The loan types for the new loan will differ in amounts of time to heal credit scores based on the

Rising Mortgage Rates – Buy Now!

What’s the cost of waiting to buy your new home with rising Mortgage rates? With the first quarter of 2018 in the books, the 30-year fixed rate mortgage is nearing what Freddie Mac predicted it would be in the second quarter. If this pace continues, rates will exceed the five percent mark expected by the

The Advantages of an FHA Mortgage Loan Today

The Federal Housing Authority, operating under HUD, offers affordable mortgages for tens of thousands of buyers who may not qualify for other types of programs. They are popular with both first-time and repeat buyers. The 3.5% down payment is an attractive feature but there are other advantages: More tolerant for credit challenges than conventional mortgages.

In 2018, should Homeowners Itemize or take the Personal Deduction?

Taxpayers can decide each year whether to take the standard deduction or their itemized deductions when filing their personal income tax returns. Roughly, 75% of households with more than $75,000 income and most homeowners itemize their deductions. Beginning in 2018, the standard deduction, available to all taxpayers, regardless of whether they own a home, is
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